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Founded in 1998 Norwest’s headquarters are located in Cheshire, UK. The company’s successful expansion and growth has led to the creation and subsequent development of further satellite offices as follows:


Norwest Ireland was also created in 1998 to assist in the procurement of pork, beef and lamb for the domestic demand in the UK.


In 2003, Norwest Poland was created and is located in Warsaw.  With mainly traditional meat exports to this market, Poland entered the E.U. in 2004 and our company was able to react immediately with exports of beef, pork & poultry from Poland into the E.U. and other world markets.


Norwest’s Spanish office was created in the 2005.  Our aim was to establish a broad supply of quality products throughout Spain and this office was strategically placed to enable the sourcing of pork for our increasing network of customers throughout Europe and Asia.


In 2008 we expanded our activities to include imports from China and India of seafood items for sale and distribution into UK wholesalers and processors. We also began exporting various meat and seafood products to South East Asia. Due to the increasing fast paced growth and demand we opened our China office in 2014 to manage and assist the sales, imports and logistics for all product sold into this market. We currently export approx. 25000mt of various meat products per annum with customers ranging from importers to distributors and manufacturers.


In 2011, Norwest Foods Bulgaria was created. As part of the 2007 enlargement of the European Union, our sales continue to grow to support this markets increasing demand for meat products.


2017 saw a further expansion with the opening of Norwest Foods Romania, with the aim to significantly increase Norwest Foods’ sales foot print in an ever growing Eastern European market and to source raw materials from large processors in the surrounding regions.

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In 2018 we opened our office in Morocco which is the main trading link between Europe and West African countries.
With the ever increasing global source of raw materials available to us, we are able to supply all major West African buyers with competitively priced meat and seafood products.