Norwest is dedicated to ensure that all commercial activities, storage and distribution are subject to agreed specifications and agreements. We supply all clients with product of the highest standard, maintaining our own systems and controls to ensure our clients specific requirements are satisfied. We believe that transparent technical trust between the supplier, ourselves and the client is paramount.

We are pleased to announce that in April 2017 Norwest Foods became BRC Agents and Brokers certified after successfully completing our audit. We followed this up in March 2018 by becoming the first company to achieve 0 non-conformances against version 2 of the standard in our second audit. In addition to this we also renewed our Red Tractor Certification and successfully completed a QS audit in September 2018, both have been recognised and appreciated by our growing customer base. These certifications are very important to us as it gives assurances to our customers and suppliers that we maintain a strong documented quality management system to ensure we are continuously up to date with matters concerning food safety and legality. To view our certificates please click on the logos below.