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Seafood & Fish 

Many years ago, our seafood business started with domestic UK sales to wholesalers of shellfish and fish fillets from Asia. Whilst we still source from Asia, we have grown our procurement to cover Europe, Africa and South America serving a wide variety of customer across the globe.

Norwest Foods have an extensive & experienced team of traders who can source and supply a wide spectrum of product, both fresh and frozen. Raw materials required for usage by manufacturers are a speciality.


When it comes to fish, there’s nothing we can’t source for you.



We have partnerships across Vietnam, Thailand, China, Chile and Argentina, to name a few, that can provide a wide range of warmwater Shellfish. We can supply Argentinian Red Shrimp, Black Tiger, Vannamei. Coldwater Shrimp from Norway, Iceland and Canada is also available. We also have access to Mussels and other Mollusc species.

Whole Fish 

We are loading whole round fish daily for African countries and have good supply of all pelagic species for a range of different markets. We are sourcing Mackerel from UK, Norway, Faroes, Spain, and USA. Along with Horse Mackerel, Catfish, Blue Whiting, Herring, Sardines and Capelin, our offering is extensive.

S Head.png


We have access to multiple species By-products from factories globally. We can supply Heads, bellies, trim and frames from Salmon, Cod, Haddock, Tilapia and many more. Our multi-protein offering gives us an advantage in the market making Norwest hard to rival as a partner. 

Fish Fillet

We are very active in China and Vietnam where we can source many different species of fish fillets. These typically go into manufacturing, but foodservice contracts are also possible. Pangasius, Alaskan Pollock, Atlantic Cod and Haddock are popular, but we have access to any species you require with the highest quality standards adhered to.



We can offer surimi from multiple species. In addition to Alaska Pollock, we can offer from Threadfin Bream, Lizardfish, Ribbon Fish, Big Eye, Croaker, Blue Whiting, and Hake. The quality of these products is of the highest standard as they are produced mainly for the Japanese market.

Industrial Blocks 

As a by-product of our China and Vietnam production, we can offer industrial blocks from Alaskan Pollock, Atlantic Cod and Haddock. Our block production often runs alongside high-quality Surimi production, so the standards are extremely high. This product is usually packed in 7.5kg laminated blocks, but bespoke products are also available on request.


Other Specialities

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