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Technical (Food Safety & Quality) 

Norwest Foods is dedicated to ensure that all operational activities, storage and distribution meet the highest standards. We maintain our Quality Management Systems and controls to ensure our clients specific requirements are satisfied in line with industry best practices, customer considerations and to GFSI benchmarks. We believe that an open and honest technical approach between the supplier, ourselves and the client is paramount.

Norwest Foods became BRCGS Agents and Brokers certified in 2017 (version 1). The business has successfully completed recent audits against version 3 of the BRCGS Broker standards with 0 non-conformances, becoming the first company to achieve 0 non-conformances throughout its audit history. In addition, we are Red Tractor Trader Certified which is appreciated by our growing customer base on higher welfare products. These certifications are very important to us as it gives assurances to our trading partners that we maintain a strong control in our due diligence and ensure we are continuously up to date with matters concerning food safety and legality.

Our Certifications


BRCS Agents & Brokers Certificated 

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Red Tractor (Certified Standards)


The International Meat Trade Association 

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