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Our Supply Network, Across The Globe

Norwest Foods have an extensive and experienced team of traders who can source and supply a wide spectrum of product, both fresh and frozen. Raw materials required for usage by manufacturers are a speciality.

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Our Supply

Since the company’s inception, Norwest Foods has successfully developed a far-reaching and expansive supply of various proteins. This enables our commercial team to offer a broad range of customers a diverse selection of quality and safe products, both fresh and frozen, at competitive prices. Whilst our core business is structured to supply products to processors, manufacturers and importers, our flexible approach allows us to trade pork, beef and lamb to various scale of business.

Our Brand 

In 2021 Norwest Foods introduced our brand to the market. This enables us to source product from trusted and reliable suppliers and pack down in a recognised format internationally. This allows us to add value to the supply chain whilst ensuring we continue to offer an affordable and reliable product.


Our Specialities

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