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Valued Added Range

We at Norwest foods pride ourselves on our commitment to foodservice, retail and catering sectors providing high quality cooked meat and meal solutions from our partnered manufacturers. 

Our process starts with the New Product Development Team. They create the dishes with the aid of market research to determine current trends. With access to cutting edge insight and data, regular market based reviews and extensive innovation kitchen facilities, our teams are able to develop and create outstanding solutions to cover all your needs.

We like to work collaboratively with our customers to develop product solutions that meet your functional requirements, or are in line with the latest on-trend flavours relevant to today’s consumers.

A commitment to quality, integrity and trust underpins all our operations, with stringent controls in place to ensure that our customers can be assured of the highest standards in food safety and product quality.

Our suppliers undergo a stringent approval process with regular reviews conducted to develop a cycle of continuous improvement.

From restaurant quality ribs to a Taco meal for two, Norwest Foods has the solution.

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Cooked Rib Racks

Norwest Foods, can offer a wide range of Loin Ribs, Half Racks & St Louis.


From a sharing platter of meaty St Louis Ribs supplied to food service to a single serve retail portion of Loin Ribs, we have a rib for every sales channel.

All tailored to the requirements of the customer and market demands.

Cooked Single Ribs 

Norwest Foods, can offer a wide range of Single Ribs tailored to various weight ranges and marinated to the customers’ requirements!  


1 Kilo packs for the all you can eat type buffet offerings, a 250 gram starter portion or even mix it up with a rib and wing pack, the choice is yours.

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Cooked Pulled Meats

Norwest Foods, can offer a wide range of Pulled Cooked Meats. Designed to the customers’ needs and requirements.  

Our range includes Slow Cooked Pulled Pork & Pulled Beef Briskets. Packs vary in size from 1 kilo food service packs down to 250 grams retail portions. Just heat and serve.

Cooked Pork Belly Bites

Norwest Foods, produce and manufacture an exciting range of Pork Belly Bites. Marinated in a selection of sauces, designed to meet your requirements.


Packs vary in size from 1 kilo food service packs down to 250 gram retail portions.


Just heat and serve, prefect for Food Service and Retail Markets. 


Other Specialities

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